Our Services Include

  • Fabrication of custom welding equipment and other metal processing machines >>
  • Installation and Re-location of welding cells, robotic cells, and other equipment
  • Refurbish/ Rebuild existing equipment
  • Custom  Jigs and Tooling >>

We Handle (click for brands)

  • CHUO
  • DENYO 
Arc Welding

Our Process

1. Contact Us and Inquire About Our Services

Please contact us, free of any obligation, and allow us to make an assessment of your needs. We will research and brainstorm a solution to your individual needs.

2. General Design and Specification

Our group of qualified engineers will discuss your personalized application, and put together a proposed general design. The initial design will be created to meet your production needs, while remaining under your established budget.

3. Proposal for a System That Meets Your Needs

After all options have been evaluated, we will present you with the best, cost-conscious solution that is focused on eliminating your known problems. We will also make educated predictions of possible future performance.

4. Design, Manufacturing, Fabrication and Software Design

After design completion and your approval, all the pieces start coming together. Necessary components will be ordered, manufacturing and fabrication will begin, and system control programming will be developed.

5. Delivery and Installation at Your Facility

In our shop, we will assemble, test, and debug all systems. We will then invite you to visit us, inspect your equipment, and suggest or request any needed changes. Only after we receive your final approval, we will disassemble, ship, and re-assemble at your facility.

6. Post-Installation Technical Support

It is our intention to always maintain open communication with our customers before, during, and after the design and development of your new automated system. We will offer assistance in solving any of your problems.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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