We utilize jigs to secure the work piece in place during the operation. Generally, the Jigs contain datum that accurately position the work piece in a pre-determined location. The Jig may include 1 or multiple clamps that insure that the piece remains in place during the whole process. Clamps can be powered by pneumatic or hydraulic forces depending on the clamping force required.

Benefits of Utilizing Jigs

    • The utilization of Jigs allows your cell to be flexible. As an example, if your application was a robotic welding cell we could manufacture your jig to be exchangeable which would allow you to weld multiple part numbers in the same cell.
    • If your project was about to reach its phase-out period, you could utilize the same cell to produce another part, or you could at any point introduce a new project into the cell.
    • With the use on optical, magnetic, contact and non-contact sensors added to the jig, we can introduce methods of mistake proofing your operation.
    • Jigs can be combined with an external axis of a robot, to allow movement such as rotating, spinning, or tilting. This allows faster cycle times and more flexibility.

Your jig will be custom built to create a glove-like fit to your work piece. By doing this, we avoid variation and inconsistency; insuring that each piece is built with precision.

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