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AUTOMATION and INNOVATION is our business. We provide complete industrial control and automation systems to large and small manufacturing companies. Nagoya Wel U.S. has the experience to design, manufacture and install the system that is right for you.

About Us


It is our intention to always maintain open communication with our customers before, during, and after the design and development of your new automated system. We will offer assistance in solving any of your problems.


Since 1969, serving the Japanese Automotive field has led us to develop, design, and manufacture top line automated equipment that have met the demands of these high volume, high speed, high quality manufacturing companies.


Our robot line up that you may opt for include only the best available. Our sister company, Matsumoto U.S Technologies, maintains partnerships with some of the top leaders in robotic manufacturing equipment.


Your jig will be custom built to create a glove-like fit to your work piece. By doing this, we avoid variation and inconsistency; insuring that each piece is built with precision.

Through the skill of our team and the collaboration with our partner company, Matsumoto U.S. Technologies, we are able to provide full service and support to any field in the automation business. Through our partners overseas, we hold the experience and capabilities of building any type of equipment for your operations at top quality and low cost.

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